giovedì 13 giugno 2013

The Portuguesse thriller

The 6 race of the World Supersport 2013 was absolutely unpredictable and one of the most unsurpassed, but Sam Lowes extort the victory for the 4th time. It was one of the most difficult wins which the Yakhnich Motorsport rider got, but that is why it’s more valuable.
The race day in Portimao started not ideal for Vladimir Leonov and Sam Lowes as the asphalt changed again and the feedback with the front wheel became worse. That’s why the speed was lower than during trainings, although the temperature was higher.
In the final of the Portuguesse stage one of the most tense square struggle happen. Teammates from the Mahi Racing Kawasaki team – Fabien Foret and Kenan Sofuoglu - took Lowes in «sandwich». French veteran of the WSS aggressively attacked but on the 10th lap Sam could find a break in his defence. Meanwhile, Michael VD Mark involved in a dispute over the position on the podium. But experienced riders of Supersport squeezed him out. The fight was again between two Kawasaki and Yamaha R6. In Portimao Sam has clear advantage over Kawasaki. R6 chassis are more stable and controlled in long turns and in hairpins that allowed to attack and be more faster than Ninja in the second sector and then. In the middle of the race Sam missed Kenan Sofuoglu to make sure of his intentions. But on the top of a hill Sofuoglu made a mistake and Lowes attacked immediately his partners from “team green” and left them behind. 
Sam Lowes: “It was incredible race! I wasn’t sure with front-end that’s why I didn’t push my bike on 100%. It gave riders on Kawasaki the opportunity to attack. But for 2 laps to the finish I decided to go because I wanted to win this race. Fortunately, I made it!”
For Vladimir Leonov the race was also successful. He started from the 12 position and tried to finish this race with minimal risk because of the lack of feedback with tyres. But it was not a problem for conducting a number of aggressive attacks. The struggle was between Vladimir and teammates from the MV Agusta team – Roberto Rolfo and Christian Iddon. Leonov overtook Rolfo but the battle with Iddon continued till the finish. Trying to get to the 6 place, Leonov rose to 10thposition but Iddon successfuly counterattacked and the Russian rider finished 11th earning points to the team and manufacture.
Vladimir Leonov: «I am very happy with the result as all race I had to manage with front-and, but than I got that it's not a problem! So I made efforts to bring my team point as more as possible.”
Now in general classification Sam Lowes strengthened his leadership, he is 39 point ahead of rivals from the team Mahi Racing India. Also thanks to the Yakhnich Motorsport riders Yamaha just 2 point from Kawasaki. Vladimir Leonov is on the 13th place in the individual.
On Saturday there was also the 4th stage of the European Championship Stock600 where the Russian team presents Dakota Mamola. It was his first race in Partimao so the Belgian spent all his time studing the track. Because of variable weather Dakota couldn’t improve his results and started the race from the 19th place. In the middle of the race he fell several position then he could win back 3 but finished 20.
The next race will be held in Imola on the Enzo & Dino Ferrari circuit – 28 – 30 June. In the framework of the 7 stage of the World Superbike we will see races of both Stock classes, Junior European Cup and the first stage of the international series «Cup of Nations». In this Cup all riders at the age of 16 can take part on their bikes on the regulations of the classe Stock600.


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